Gas Sensor Characterization System
بیست اسکریپت قالب وردپرس آموزش وردپرس قالب فروشگاهی وردپرس اسکریپت

Gas Sensor Characterization System

In the electronic component manufacturing industry, most components such as gas sensors are subjected to a full functional test and characterization before they are sold. Therefore NanoSAT team has designed a small fully controlled test chamber to test and determine the characteristics of gas sensors.


  • Control of sensor temp from RT up to 300
  • Ohm-meter capable of logging and plotting data on PC
  • LCR-meter to investigate impedance based sensors (in order)
  • Dynamic sensing by using 2 or more individual MFCs
  • Sensor excitation by using UV light source with continious adjustment of the light intensity
  • Ability to determine sensitivity, response & recovery times of nanostructured gas sensors


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