Solmetric I-V Curve Tracer – نانو شرق ابزار توس
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Solmetric I-V Curve Tracer

Solmetric I-V curve tracer 200+ has been designed to measure the important solar cell.The advantage of this device is its accuracy to measure the micro currents and micro voltages which is important for research usages and testing the small solar cell samples.Testing of solar cell panels can be done by the industrial version of Solmetric I-V curve tracer (on order).

  • I/V/P and I-V curve on the device display and determine the amount of I, V & P for each point of the curve
  • Measure the solar cell parameters including vopen, Pmax, Imaxp, Vmaxp, Ishort, Rsc and Calculation of solar cell Efficiency & Fill Factor
  • Simultaneous display values of voltage, current and power on the display device
  • Storage cell parameters I/V/P and curve I-V curve on the device memory
  • (Data transfer to PC via serial port (or Wifi On order
  • (The voltage range of 2 V and 12 V (protection on higher voltages and reverse voltage
  • (current range of 40 mA and 1 A (protection against higher currents
  • Voltage measurement accuracy of 100 μV and Current measurement accuracy of 1 μA
  • Ability to perform automatic calibration